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From beginning to the end, we are with you!

City Events is an event management agency that was established in 2003 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. We work  together with you, providing all the logistic support in a professional manner to  help you turn your vision into reality!

We always begin with our own vision, comprised of three parts, customer, cost and details. The requirements of the client and the budget of the event is also very important. Attention to the details leads to the success of the event


Conference Management

We provide integrated solutions to manage scientific conferences and communicate with local and international speakers .Our local and global partnerships help us immensely in this regard

Exhibition Management

We offer marketing plans to the market and sell the exhibition  locally and internationally, accomplish the tasks and develop short and long-term plans to ensure that the largest number of exhibitors participate in our successful exhibitions

Attention to detail

There is no doubt that meticulous attention to detail is the basis of the success of an event at all levels, and we take care of this aspect carefully to deliver a great project

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